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The Transportation Department oversees the safety of our most precious cargo – our students – making sure they are safe on the ride to school, home or school activity. The Transportation Department also wants students to be safe while they are waiting for the bus. Statistically, school buses are the safest mode of transportation to and from school.

Find Your Bus Stop

Instructions & Steps

  1. Visit the Union InfoFinder Page to find your student’s stop information.
  2. Select your grade or school. (You may also select “All Grades and Schools” to see all routes.)
  3. Enter your address information (include house number, street, and zip code.)
    Apartment numbers are not needed.
    Please use digits instead of words for all street/house numbers

    Example Addresses
    7902 S Sheridan Rd
    801 N Sweet Gum Ave
    10610 E 66 ST S
    5656 S 129 E Ave
  4. The search will show you the closest stop and route for your address if there is one in the area. It may also give you possible matches for your address if it could not locate the submitted address
  5. Select the stop from the results list to view its location, time, school, and route number.
    Each route is formatted “School Abbreviation – Route Number/Walkzone – Morning/Afternoon trip”

    Example Route Names:
    8G-48-AM: 8th Grade, Bus 48, Morning Trip
    MO-32-PM: Moore Elementary, Bus 32, Afternoon Trip
    OC-17-AM: Ochoa Elementary, Bus 17, Morning Trip
    HS-WZ-AM: High School, Walkzone, Morning Trip

If you are having any trouble finding your route information, please call the Transportation department at 918-357-7063 for assistance. Download Find Your Bus Stop Instructions.

Bus Passes

The primary purpose of the Union Public Schools bus service is transportation for eligible students to and from home.  Therefore, students are expected to ride their neighborhood bus each day to and from school and get on and off at the designated stop closest to their home.

Once all the information can be verified and if space is available on the desired route a reply email will be sent to you.  This process usually takes about 72 hours.  Students may not ride the desired route until the driver is in possession of the bus pass.

Students who are new to a bus route and who intend to ride that bus continually should obtain a bus pass from their principal who will indicate on the pass that the student will ride the bus on a regular basis.  This will notify the driver that the student is a permanent addition to the bus and avoid confusion the first time the student attempts to ride the bus.

Students who wish to ride a bus other than their neighborhood bus must obtain a Bus Pass. 

To request a bus pass, please email with the following information:

  • Student name
  • Student school
  • Student grade level
  • Parent/Guardian name
  • Parent/Guardian phone number
  • Home address
  • Reason for request
  • Destination address

Bus Safety Tips & Rules

Union Buses At A Glance

People walk between two school buses
Senior in graduation garb stands next to activity school bus
Seniors in graduation robes sit inside school bus
High School students walk past school buses
transportation staff meeting with employees in chairs
Union bus driver makes the U hand gesture
Union seniors in graduation robes sit on school bus
Union student makes Union U hand gesture by school buses
Middle school students step onto Union school bus
students sit inside Union school bus
Union employee sits at desk in the transportation department
young girl smiles while seated on school bus seat
Union bus driver gives the thumbs up during staff meeting
Union mechanic changes tire on school van in the Union garage
Union bus driver behind the wheel of a school bus
Union students on seats inside a school bus
bus driver sticks her head out of school bus window as kids walk by
school buses reflected on windows
Bus driver make Union U hand gesture at her driver's seat
Union bus shown in another school bus side mirror
Union kids inside a school bus
Union transportation mechanics talk inside the garage
2 Union bus drivers stand between lines of parked school buses
2 Union boys sit next to each other on a school bus


Office - 918-357-7063


Robert Harris
Director of Transportation

Mila Trujillo

Mila Trujillo
Associate Director Of Transportation

Apply To Be a Bus Driver!

If you would be interested in driving a bus or becoming a bus assistant, we encourage you to make Union Public Schools your choice. Let us train you to drive a bus or become a bus assistant. We look forward to hearing from you. Apply now.


During inclement weather (ice, severe cold, storms), please check your favorite news outlet and the Union web site for updates on closings or cancellations.  For important, time-sensitive communications, the district also uses its automated messaging system to send phone, text, and email information to parents, staff, and students. Union may also post information on the district Facebook page.

If you have changed contact information, contact Communications at 918-357-6015. 

2022-2023 Facts

  • Union maintained a fleet of 120 school buses and 96 support vehicles and ran 19 daily shuttles to Tulsa Tech.
  • Union provided transportation for students in the following programs: McKinney-Vento Foster Care, hearing- or sight-impaired students, Special Services students and Newcomers. Union also shuttled students at mid-day for Athletic, Band, Career Connect, TCC and Innovation Lab programs. The transportation trip miles totaled 126,684 and the route miles totaled 679,524.
  • Union purchased 171,887 gallons of diesel fuel and 44,801 gallons of unleaded fuel for a combined cost of $682,979.68.
  • More than 10,700 students rode the bus on a regular basis during the 2022-23 school year. Our route buses completed 342 routes per day, transporting students to and from school.